Monday, September 15, 2014

One month later...

August 14th I began the journey in gold making.  I began with 1000g and a desire to learn.

Today, September 15th, the toon has 21,854g.

That amount though is not the total amount of what I have made.  In order to maintain my advantage I do purchase a lot from the AH as well.

In the beginning I was only spending 100 - 250g.  Today I spend about 1000g - 2000g a day restocking and purchasing bargains to flip.

I obviously am not the fastest at this, however I am working my way up.

I have found that you need the major professions maxed out and that is what I am working on.
Also, I have found that you only require 1 Jewelcrafter, 1 Inscriptionist, 1 Alchemist, 1 Enchanter.
The secondary professions that feed those 4.  Herb and Mining.  You need multiples of.  In order to keep a hefty stock on hand.

So, that is currently where I am focusing my efforts.  While buy low and selling high.

And that is one month in.

And for the record.  The most I have ever had in game before starting this was 13000g.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Recently, in the news...

What have I been up to recently?

1) Getting my professions up.
One of the things that all the big time gold makers have in common is that they have their professions maxed out.  I have been working on mine. Moving the bar on mining is easy. Moving the bar on jewelcrafting, now that is task intensive.  I am currently at 300 and ready to move into the Outlands.
Many times I am not getting the exact gem I need so what I took to doing once my new priest discovered prospecting is that I read Wow-professions to determine how much of a metal I will need for JC.  I will farm for the number I need, smelt and give to the JC.  Then I will go back out and repeat the count so that I can prospect the ore.

2) Cleaning up TSM.
Getting starter lists is exciting and everything.  It helps get an idea of what to look for and gives perfect starting foundation for new users.  However, after one to many my TSM is a cluster.  I don't want to delete the lists out of there.  However, I am finding that I need to evaluation my approach and my auctioning/shopping groups.  So I have started to reorganize my TSM.

3) Working my own pricing experiment.
I have an idea for a list to help newcomers to TSM and gold making.  I have been putting this list of items together and testing it out to see how well it works.  So far, it is working well.  This can assist many newcomers especially when it is adjusted for WoD.  I am not going to give a spoiler to what the list holds here.  I will have it shared shortly.

4) Reevaluating what I have learned.
Many of the mentors out there have made statements where they have found certain items don't sell well for them.  I have absorbed much of that and at the same time, I need to empty some of it back out.  Just because it doesn't work well for them on their servers doesn't mean that it won't work well for others.
An example is that on the same server I have both factions represented.  My auctions on the Alliance side sell very well while my Horde auctions barely move.
I have done some item research and found that items that I am moving on the Alliance AH don't exist on the Horde AH.  As a matter of fact, some of the items have not even been listed in the past 90 days or longer according to some of the scans I have read.  Does this mean I can move the item for twice the value?  I am going to explore that possibility.

5) XMogs
In the beginning, Not even a month ago when I started, I had ~1000G and started buying xmogs beneath a certain % value.  I had slowed down, partly because of input from others who said they hadn't had much success.  However, I am now noticing that my xmog sales are increasing and helping me to make ~1000G a day.  So I need to go back in with the same beginner thought process I had and start buying up the cheap xmogs to move them out.  They will sell, it is just a question of when.  And if you are persistent, a player will check the AH to find the cost.  Go farm or what have you to raise the gold and pray that you still have it listed when they return a few days later.  Then at that time they will go ahead and purchase that item you paid 15G to acquire for 3000G.

I guess this is where I am currently at in my efforts to go forward.

Good auctioning folks!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Two good days in a row.

Yesterday was awesome.  Today was even better.

Saturday was my best day on record.  2708G of items sold from the AH.  I was highly excited.
Many xmogs had been selling for 200 - 300g each. 

However, upon waking on Sunday I found that I had already topped Saturday.  So I searched the records to find out what was working.  It was still just the same random stuff selling that always sells.  Except one item stood out.

I had picked up a shoulder Saltstone Shoulder Pads a few days back for 15G.  TSM said that it should be around 3600G.  I went ahead and took the gamble and the gamble paid off this morning.  It sold.

So, I had 3687G sitting in my mail waiting for me.  One item can make a great day!
This just goes to show, that time is your friend.

Keep the faith things sell!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Undermine Journal returns

It's back.  New host for the site.  New underlying code.
Find out about you competition and how you can get around them, or cut them out all together.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bought out by a gold maker?

After time spent on the auction house you start to recognize the names of other players who utilize the auction to make a market.

There are those who specialize in herbs/minerals/gems/etc..

Today I noticed that a specific player that has ~180 items in the gem market bought out my wild jade.  6 Turbid Wild Jade, 3 Balanced Wild Jade and 2 Splendid Vermilion Onyx.

I am okay with this.  I got them on the cheap and made a very very nice profit.

I have more in my bags...that player can buy those as well at the same prices. :)



So, the player who bought my market out has relisted the Turbid Wild Jade at 186g.  They bought them from me at 12g.  I bought then for 1g. 

He may or may not be sitting on these for awhile.  However the charts that we use to help determine value as well as our apps had showed a steady decline in value from Aug 23 to yesterday.  The decline had started at 20g.  As of last night, there is a spike to 186g.

Auction Reset!


I think I will make a toon named AuctionReset 

Not slacking off...just enjoyed the weekend

Hello all.

I had a great weekend.  Hope all of you did also.  I have not given up.  I am working on building a couple of items lists and testing them.  Once I am finished, I am going to share them with you all.

Also, I have been changing the organization of my TSM.

One thing I am noticing is that I am currently swinging between 1000g to 600g a day (depending on the day).  The dips seem to follow the same pattern as my previous dips.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Flipping recipes/formulas/schematics

7G well invested.

Learnt from: The MadHouse

One of the highly suggested recipes mentioned in the above linked forum post just sold (8/28/14).

I highly suggest you view this article at The MadHouse